Postpartum body

How do you embrace it?

When I became pregnant, I thought about what my baby will look like, how my life would change- social life, finances etc and taking pregnancy photos! 🥰 I’m sure all you mummy’s can relate!

No one talks much about what your Postpartum body will look like; like how you may be left with a pouch, loose skin, stretch marks etc!!! 🤯

I remember giving birth to my beautiful baby, standing up for the first time and looking at my little pouch… myself and one of the midwives chuckled lol. The female body is TRULY amazing, honestly 👸🏽.

What does bounce back or snap back even mean? As mothers, I’m sure we are all guilty of giving birth, looking at our babies in awe, then after a while our bodies….

Take me for instance, tagged and known to be slim with curves but now, looking slightly bigger (the biggest I’ve been in my life). Never had such stretch marks like this before either. The reality of it is that I tried squeezing into a size 12 pair of jeans after I gave birth and they didn’t go pass my thighs! I was gobsmacked but I also laughed about it to my Husband and Mother!! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ (you have to laugh). 

I’ll be honest, seeing your body go from you to YOU isn’t the easiest at times. 

The world of social media doesn’t help. Seeing the likes of Kim K for example, bounce back quickly does add pressure to many new mums. As is ladies ‘doing their bodies’ and snapping back quickly.

Your parents, in-laws and other family members mentioning how much weight you have put on doesn’t help neither! Your friends talking about how lovely someone looks in their pregnancy or maternity photos which have been overly edited, again is another pressure if you don’t feel great yourself! 

To me, the worst of this are my own self-nagging thoughts. In my opinion, no one can bring us down more than ourselves. It is how we choose to look at a situation that determines everything! It’s not easy… we do need to give ourselves more grace.

The truth is, pregnancy is beautiful whatever your experience however, it does come with sacrifices. The female body stretches, adapts, accommodates and expands just to be a home to our babies for 9 months/ +.

After that… you are left with a new body. Some people love their new ‘mummy bodies’ and some people just don’t.

Things that I have started doing/ trying to do to help me embrace my body:

  • Gratitude- thanking God for my daughter, the gift of the fruit of the womb and counting my blessings
  • Accepting encouragement- My hubby always reminds me that he’s not complaining and I’m beautiful (he’s been saying this from even when I was pregnant); (encourage yourself too!)
  • Giving myself time 🙂 (some ladies say it takes them up to a year to to get back to themselves- some say less and some say more!)
  • Walk when I can (I have plans to also do this with my friends that are mothers and who also walk their kids to shed their weight!)
  • Bio oil 
  • Trying to drink more water 
  • Gym/ home work outs (my plan!)

Are there any other tips? Or things that other mothers are doing?! Do any PT’s have any advice on fupa workouts? When would you say is the right time to start thinking about working out?… 


With love, 



39 thoughts on “Postpartum body

  1. Great post love! Thank you for sharing your experiences during your journey into motherhood and discussing something that is too often silenced! The struggle is real… and so are our journeys! Keep at it mama, you’re beautiful inside and out! xo

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  2. Nice post Angela x
    Juggling the kids and a new born has made my body snap back a bit too quick now im trying to find ways i could put back on weight. Nothing has been working for me so far. My hormones were all over the place causing spots to appear on my face something that i never had issues with.

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    1. Thank you! Oh yes, I heard being on their feet does help some! Funny, my face cleared up when I was pregnant but since I’ve given birth, my skin is beginning to change again! Well, it is well ☺️, thanks for sharing your experience x


  3. It has been really insightful to read, it’s nice to see a fellow mum expressing the reality of postpartum body we can get easily carried away by social media expectations, but humbling to see we are not alone.

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  4. Loved reading this! A very honest encounter of your personal experience of the female body after birth. Be easy on yourself and don’t put a time frame or pressure yourself as to how or when the right time is to ‘bounce back’. Your doing a great job as a mum so far, weight loss etc are all a bonus xx

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  5. Great read, it’s nice to see another new mum expressing their thoughts on their new body changes. That most people are scared to talk about, let. Thanks for being so open.

    Castor oil is a natural way to get rid of stretch marks.

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  6. I can relate Angie!!! Especially as I’ve had twins and they were apparently “big” for twins at birth, so with my petite self you can only imagine how much I stretched! I developed hyperpigmentation especially on my stomach, still have very dark stretch marks, loose skin and a pouch. I’ve learnt to embrace my body and working out at the gym to get it back to what it was as much as possible. Give yourself time Angie, there is no rush. Our bodies are amazing and we should embrace every part of pregnancy! Even being able to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby I think is a blessing many mums take for granted, it is a SPECIAL gift from God so this should always be our motivation to love and appreciate all that our bodies have been through. You did it mama! ❤️

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience mummy twins! ☺️. It’s great that you have learnt to embrace your body . Indeed, giving birth to healthy babies are Special gifts from God and we should never forget that! 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️


  7. This is real and inspirational…Angela.Thank you for being transperant with your experience.
    Very good read for mums to be new mums and that have gone through it. Brought back memories😘😍.

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  8. Lovely words Angela and so nice to hear other people’s experiences. I have always been small/skinny and now that I am 6 months pregnant I am amazed at the changes in my body! Some days I feel guilty for feeling as though I am “fat” and other days I feel amazing and embrace my new body. I think it is important that us ladies share experiences and remember that we are amazing!

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    1. Thank you Chantelle! No need to feel guilty! I think we all tend to feel a ‘type of way’ about our bodies at times as women and then even more so as mothers! Indeed- we are amazing!! ❤️😘


  9. Well written darling, very encouraging and absolutely honest. No body tells you how your body will be after having your kids 😂😂😂 . But alot of women are so worried and pressured by social media with the whole idea of snap back and all. I know it works for some but literally this people probably trained through their whole pregnancy. Funny thing about my pregnancy both times is that I lose weight while pregnant but as soon as I drop my babies give it 3/4 months I gain weight again, I was like what is this wahala now. It’s not meant to be the other way. But right now I am even tired of stressing myself to get back to my pre wedding weight 🙈🙈💛 I am loving the new figure 8 and extra meat in the junk. Just continue doing little exercises at home at your own time and pace. You will be fine sweet 💜🙌🏽

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    1. Thank you Dupe! Nobody tells you at all lol. Funny thing is, everyone’s body change differently as you have just outlined lol! Yes embrace it! 💪🏾 . My friend just got me an exercise mat so I shall begin in due time 😊


  10. Great post Angela, proud of you!
    Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and your body will snap back. I remember going through this stage a few months after giving birth to my first, tried the gym once or twice but gave up. Then life hit me lol 😂 juggling work, a baby, (social life), household duties etc and before I knew it my body went back to my pre-pregnancy body. Same with my second however left with a little stomach but once you’ve mastered loving your new body, getting the perfect body won’t matter because at the end of the day look at the blessing your body brought into this world xx

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    1. Thank you so much Blanche! Lol this also shows that with every baby it is a different experience too! Love what you said about the blessings our bodies brought into the world- we need to give ourselves credit! ❤️


  11. I loss so much weight when I had my baby. Not the nice kind of weight. I was skinny, as in sticks and bones. I breast fed my baby (hungrier baby). I couldn’t even fit into my old clothes. I went from size 10/12 to size 6. Every time family members saw me they’ll always comment on my weight. ( our bodies will never be the same, but I’ll do it all over again for my daughter).

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  12. I think your body will go back to as it was before giving birth as time goes , I mean maybe not 💯. But give it time. Welcome to motherhood once again 😊

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  13. Great post Anj.x
    I can totally relate sis but carrying another human for 9 months , technically 10 months is not a joke thing. My baby girl is 1 month tomorrow and like you said I don’t even have the time to look at what my body looks or feel like because it’s gone through a humongous change.
    Embrace it sis and at the right and appointed time it will get back to normal. Luckily for me because I was a gym freak , I think my body has adapted and I didn’t add weight after birth . But who knows. It can change anytime. Embrace it all sis , you got this.

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  14. You’re going great Anj. I’m proud of you. It’s important to be gentle with yourself.
    With my experience in women’s health Physiotherapy, 2 months post-natal is a good time to start exercising.
    Look into traverse abdominal exercises. X


    1. Lovely writeup,
      Waist training and been on diet helped me, but that was after I stopped breastfeeding all 3 kids after 5months. I will advice you not to worry too much about your weight gain for now, because the more you breastfeed exclusive, you tends to eat more and obviously you gain more weight. Give yourself time, but trust me their’s nothing you can do about the stretch marks, bio oil can’t clear it…..The marks are forever , I’m glad you’re loving and embracing your new body.

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  15. You’re going great Anj. I’m proud of you. It’s important to be gentle with yourself.
    With my experience in women’s health Physiotherapy, anytime after 2 months us a food time to start exercising. Look into traverse abdominal exercises. X

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