The easing of lockdown for a new mama

Hey mumma’s! How you doing?! I hope all is well ☺️

So lockdown has eased and I’ve been in two minds about it…

I personally feel that lockdown gave me a chance to bond a lot with my baby girl and have her all to myself 🥰😄

I am however, excited that I will finally be able to attend mother and baby classes, have mummy dates with my mates, take baby girl to places that she has never been before and do dates with daddy; etc.

On the other hand, I question how safe it is to take my daughter out amongst people and crowds. There is still some anxiety around the fact that Covid is still out there. How do you guys as mothers overcome such thoughts?!

As a mother who is still working on having the body that I want via home workouts, I want to be real here and say that I also think about how I look in my clothes compared to before; especially as I basically live in lounge wear/ pjs and legginsss!!!😍

Lockdown gave me the space to workout behind closed doors and even when I’ve not been happy about my progress, nobody was able to necessarily see! 😃

I started working out for these reasons:

⁃ To get rid of the mum body (how do you get rid of the excess skin by the way?! 🥴)

⁃ To improve my overall fitness and discipline

⁃ I enjoy seeing the changes although, why do they say breastfeeding helps you to loose weight?! I don’t think I can relate (an exclusive breastfeeding mumma) 🥲; apparently I would have been bigger if I was not 🤔

Update from my last blog on the mum body: I have actually lost some weight but there’s a constant battle between eating (which I love to do by the way) and thinking about how ‘snatched’ I could look with consistency! Lol. I also need to be more patient with the changes! 😩

I got an Apple Watch in February and it has changed my life! I love it and I would definitely recommend it! Visually seeing how many calories I’m burning is a real bonus.

Anyway, back to lockdown… For someone like me who spent majority of last year pregnant (in lockdown), then gave birth during lockdown and has been in lockdown since- the outside seems kinda scary 🤦🏾‍♀️.

So…. Just where do new mothers begin?! What have you guys got planned for your little ones? Especially if you live in London, can you recommend some places; and leave a comment please?! 👇🏾

Well. My thoughts aside. It is NOT going to stop me from ensuring my baby gets to see the outdoors!! Because it’s about baby girl, but mummy’s feelings are valid too right?

Let me know ladies… How are you feeling about the outdoors easing? What have you been doing during lockdown that you would like to maintain now that things are easing?! Do share ☺️

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With love,



10 thoughts on “The easing of lockdown for a new mama

  1. My baby’s due very soon so I guess my experience will be slightly different given that I (hopefully) won’t have to be forced to stay inside for the first couple months of his life.. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy being out in open spaces with him and other mums and their babies. But him being so young, I still may spend most of my time inside 😅 I guess it’s a little different when you have the option. But for myself.. I am definitely ready for a little sun to hit my skin 🌞! I’m still cautious and anxious about crowds, so it’ll definitely be park dates, picnics and beaches for us (when summer fully kicks in)☺️

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  2. As always, a very relatable post!
    At first the easing of lockdown made me extremely anxious, but now I’m really looking forward to being able to properly go out out (and not just for a walk around my local area). It’s bittersweet. Especially knowing that COVID is still out there. But I guess this is the new norm for our lockdown babies?

    I would suggest not being so hard on yourself with the mummy weight – I feel like you can only truly appreciate the female body once you have been blessed with the opportunity to bring forth life and honestly, women (mothers) are phenomenal.
    You will reach your desired weight – all in good timing.

    P.s breastfeeding definitely promotes weight loss and that’s coming from a mum who combination feeds her baby! Those that said you’d probably have been bigger if you didn’t breastfeed, were probably right. But that aside, you’re doing great!
    We’ll all get into the swing of outside being open in due time🤞🏾

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    1. Bittersweet is the word!! Thank you for the advise hun. All in the good timing indeed. It’s easy not to see the benefits of breastfeeding on your body when you ain’t at your goal weight lol but you are right!♥️


  3. As a new mum with a really young baby the thought of lockdown easing didn’t particularly excite me tbh. Even going out to normal routine appointments is a bit scary for me knowing my baby is exposed to everything and everyone without being able to take the precautions that we can, for eg wearing masks, sanitising hands etc. However! I am looking forward to hanging out with other mums and other people safely, (a bit of away time from the normal everyday pandemic routine of motherhood). With summer coming up can’t wait to dress up my nugget up in all his cute outfits and experience life with him outside of the house!

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  4. I am so ready to be out of lockdown!! Our babies need to experience the outside. It’s like a whole different world to them, even simply going to home bargains is so much fun to them. I would recommend baby classes as your baby gets to see other babies, even if they don’t get too close, it’s nice to see them interacting and smiling from afar.
    I’m ready to go on mum and baby dates and take my baby out to experience different things. I need to collate a list of stuff we can do safely. I’m looking forward to it 😀😀

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  5. I am so ready to come out of lockdown. So ready I’m even ready to go back to work because I’ve had of enough. I’ve been taking my baby swimming, ready to try other activities too as long as he gets a break from cocomelon.

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