Is self-care and me-time possible as a mother?

Hey mumma’s!!

How are you doing? It’s so crazy how we had so much sun and now the weathers changed lol 🤨🥴🤯

Anyway, I do hope that you and your little one/s are well x

I’m currently writing this blog post on the C2C train (afrobeats in my EarPods); enroute to get my hair slayed by my very good friend @voawigs (Instagram) 💇🏾‍♀️. I won’t lie, as a mother, it feels so nice to get out for some fresh air Alone and do this!

This begs the question what is me-time to you? What does self-care look like for you?

There’s the traditional sleep, go out for fresh air etc; but I think this is whatever makes you feel good!

I know what your thinking…. “I never have enough time,” “I don’t have the support,” “my kids are stuck to me,” “there’s not enough hours in the day”

In all honesty, I think the same thing. I mean maternity is just flashing by. My days starts and ends in a second and I somehow never get through my to-do list. Sometimes I plan for some me-time and Hope is fighting her nap!! 😩. I plan to have a bubble bath every week and it never happens 😔 but…

Being INTENTIONAL. I use this word because this is so key when you are a mother. Being a mother has taught me the importance of planning (even if things don’t always go to plan!) but also being appreciative of even the 30 mins before bed that I get to have some me-time and focus on self-care.

What makes it time well spent? Below I’ve dropped some gems on the things I enjoy doing:

⁃ reading a book (I’ve been reading the same one all year but I won’t knock it!)

⁃ Working out (Chloe Ting, Grow with Jo and Walk at home on Youtube are my favourites 💪🏾)

⁃ Listening to a Christian podcasts whilst on a walk alone (Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer👍🏾)

⁃ Reading a Christian devotional on the Bible app

⁃ Watching Netflix and eating (when Hope’s in bed 😬)

⁃ Having a bubble bath (with candles obv 😀)

⁃ Having time to think and perspective take (I don’t feel I get to do this often with no distractions!; but it is so important 💎)

⁃ Planning whether this is in my personal life, career/ business

⁃ I feel good when I get my nails and feet done, eyebrows and hair 💅🏾

⁃ Go out with friends and family (let your hair down if you have the opportunity 😇)

⁃ Doing Nothing (when Hubby takes Hope and I can be on my own for ‘5mins’)

This is just what I like doing. I won’t pretend and say I get to do these things all the time; in fact, I often get upset that I don’t! 🤦🏾‍♀️

However, if I don’t prioritise my self-care no matter how busy I am, who will? It may not feel the same as how it did prior to me being a mother but we have to adjust and make it work 🤗- It IS possible!!!

So here it goes… Type in the comments what you do in your self-care and me-time! & I am challenging you all to at-least do 10mins of me-time a few days a week! If you already do this then good on you! Do 20 or 30mins😜🙂

The finished look 🥰 – this mumma felt good!! 😃

With love,



19 thoughts on “Is self-care and me-time possible as a mother?

  1. Very insightful and helpful blogpost. Although it’s intended for mothers this is something that can definitely be incorporated by any working adult (me time). Being intentional about it is definitely key.

    Another good read, look forward to the next one.

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  2. Great blog as always sis.
    Yes self care is vital, and we must take some time out of our busy schedules to fit it in.
    I am looking forward to this coming week of manicure, pedicure, lashes etc. It’s well overdue 😀😀😀

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    1. Thank you sis! We defo need to as life is busy but our self-care is essential! Aww I hope that you enjoy your pamper session mumma!! 😍😍👏🏾


  3. Very intriguing..sitting in the C2C line..many many times thats has been my alone time or i say when I’m on the DLR line, anywayz we dont have enough time raising kids in this part of the world except you got a strong support system on ground..where to keep kids who to pick fed do laundry do shopping wash iron tidy cook..the list is endless..i was a meeting sometime ago and the guest speaker asked me a question..when did you have a break..i frozed because i have not in the past the beginning of this month i checked out hoping to relax spa fun and pamper which i did and i was happy and i promised myself i will do it kids went with me..story of my life…🥰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💕🧡


  4. Yes, self care as a mother & taking time out for yourself is so refreshing. Even taking a drive alone and blasting music is amazing 🥰

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  5. Gorgeous 😍 I loved reading this blog. Self care is essential and uplifting. I’m glad I could be a part of the process girl 💕

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