1st birthday and mummyversary

Guys, MY DAUGHTER IS ONE!!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺; Hope became a one year old last week, 6th October 2021 🎉🥳.

Everyone always asks where has the time gone and SERIOUSLY, I echo that, where has the time gone?

I remember when she was a newborn and I thought time was going really slow, especially as I gave birth during the lockdown. However, as soon as she turned 6 months in April, time suddenly went so Fast! (Can other parents relate?!) 😩😢 They do say enjoy the moment because they don’t stay tiny forever.

This post is to just to shout out my daughter because she has actually given me a deeper meaning of love. When you have a child growing inside you and then you see them grow to this point, you really deep how real and mighty God is. As a Christian, we believe that children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3); and Hope is an epitome of this.

Honestly though, I am super Grateful to God for my first seed, my smiley baby, my ray of sunshine and my heartbeat 🌻☀️✨

My favourite things about Hope:

1. She is so calm

2. Her beautiful smile (she is nicknamed smiley baby)

3. Her laugh is infectious

4. She don’t like stress, leave her to watch Cocomelon, play with her teddy and other toys occasionally

5. She is the star of the family and wherever she goes, someone- even strangers, always have something positive to say about her

My 1 year mummyversary has by no means been easy. It’s been amazing, trying, testing and beautiful all at the same time; but I would not have it any other way! 🥺🥰

I have learnt so much about myself personally and as a mother. My hearts desire is that I grow to be a better person in all areas of my life, for the sake of myself and most especially my daughter 🙏🏾

I’ve been getting really nice comments recently about how I appear to enjoy motherhood. That is really nice to acknowledge about me because I love that despite the fact that I have my ‘struggle days,’ my love for being a mother really does shine through.

So thank you to all the parents who even read my blog because without Hope, there would be no Anj Talks blog 🤓

No one said being a parent, a mother, would be a walk in the park and I did not expect it to be. All I pray for, is that my journey just keeps getting better 🙏🏾

We celebrated Hope’s birthday by doing an lovely photo shoot with @totalceleb on Instagram, she had an amazing birthday with few friends and family at home (even had her 1st McDonalds Happy Meal 😃); and then we had an amazing Cocomelon themed birthday party! Glory be to God! 🎉🙏🏾

Hope on her 1st birthday enjoying her chips 🍟
Hope with mummy & daddy for her 1st birthday photoshoot with @totalceleb (Instagram) 💖
One of the pictures taken on a phone of us during Hope’s Cocomelon birthday party (she was more interested in her teddy 😂)

Till next time folksss…

With love,



2 thoughts on “1st birthday and mummyversary

  1. Beautiful Hope. 😍
    Congratulations mummy and daddy.
    Indeed time does fly. Wunmz is 11 months now can’t even believe she’s 1 next month. God is indeed great.
    Keep up the great work Sis. You are doing great ❤️


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