Motherhood is a Ministry

Another blog post that I’ve been meaning to share… I actually wondered if it was right for me to post this because you know how mum guilt goes… I try my best to be the best mother I can be but I also am my biggest critic.

I wanted to use my platform to really empower mothers but I’ll be honest, I don’t believe being a mother alone is somebody that gets pregnant and births a child. It is much more than that.

It is a ministry. A calling if you like.

Becoming a mother to me has really challenged my thinking, my beliefs and who I am as a person. Motherhood is a selfless role and not everyone can be called a mother.

Many at times I feel so guilty for how I feel and how I take motherhood because many people believe that the traditional tasks of being a mother alone, defines a mother.

To me, a mother is much more than being caring and nurturing. It is about being honest. I strongly believe that to be called and to take on the calling are two different things.

I’m a mother because I have birthed a child but I could negate all my responsibilities. I choose not to, I choose to try. Everyday. Motherhood isn’t a job, it is a calling!

We do a multitude of tasks which are not limited to household tasks only. Take me for instance, I run my own business, I create content, I work a full time job in condensed hours, I’m a wife, a family orientated individual plus I AM A WOMAN. I am me. I like to have fun and make memories.

All these roles for me are necessary and crucially important to be the mother that I want to be…Whilst I say this, the Bible also speaks about modelling Christ like behaviour and pointing our children in the direction of God. There’s so much to be being a Mother.

All this to say, we are doing our best and we should really give ourselves some credit…

I’m always thinking of ways to manage my new role (yes even at almost 2 years, it feels new!). I think about how I can spend more time with my child, how I can be a better person etc because ultimately, I want my child to be happy; but I recognise that so do I. I do not want to fail at my calling..

Hopefully, I’ve not only captured my own thoughts but the thoughts of many others.

I tell people I love being a mother. Not because it’s easy but because I love my child. I love that I have someone to love because truly, she is what motivates me to keep going. She is my why, so I guess what I’m saying is….. Even on the tough days, I’m committed to this ministry.


With love,



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