A Much Needed Break

Sometimes, it’s okay to take break.

This year, I decided after my birthday (1st January), that I was going to take a much needed break from social media. My cousin who is a pro at this was cheering me on lol.

There are so many positives to social media but phew! It’s a whole separate world and I needed to start my year differently because ‘life was life’ing’ as they say.

The truth is, I have never really had time off of social media. From college days, when I first made an account on Instagram, as far back to MySpace and MSN days. Wow. Even now as I’m writing, I’m on the train and everyone is on their phone doing something I’m sure social media related- it’s crazy 😳

Anyway, I returned to socials in March and I guess I just wanted to use this medium to say if you are thinking of taking time off socials, DO IT! 👏🏾

1. It may be hard to stick to it but it is possible. I logged out of all my apps.

2. You will be more in the ‘here and now.’ There is nothing like taking in the present moment. I did not wake up to scroll on socials, I woke up and was able to go through my to-do list so the days were more productive.

3. I was able to get closer to God. I woke up and read my Bible without the distraction of thinking about what’s going on online or leaving my Bible app to look at a notification. It happens…

4. I got to spend uninterrupted time with my daughter… how many of us (including myself) with be with their child/ children and then pick up their phone?! #guilty😢

5. I was more intentional with my self-care. I did a facial, walked in Hype Park looking at sunflowers plussssss I felt happy- genuinely!

Right, so now I am back on socials but guess what? I know that I have it in me to log off when I need to and also, I will defo be taking breaks in future. Whilst I may not have been a full on social media junkie, my screen time was defo a lot.

Signed: someone who never thought she could be off social media 🥱

Have you ever had a social media break and if so, how did it go for you??! 🙂


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